• The Eden in Paris

    Dear Customer We are happy to be able to announce that our show is ready to reopen on May 19, 2021 under conditions of maximum health security. Anxious to continue pursuing the fight against the spread of covid-19 and limit the risk of contagion to our customers and our team we have implemented maximum security measures in our lounges Eden 17 welcomes you to practice all treatments with an exceptional sanitary arrangement.
    We promise you equisite moments of incomparable relaxation !
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  • The Secret Garden Paris

    Our aim is to satisfy you, a real Eden in Paris.

    Upon arrival

    We assure you an exclusive and personal warm welcome. Every detail is thought through with care , for you to experience a sensual, top of the range massage. In the relaxed ambiance of our massage rooms, dedicated to awaken your senses and release your spirit, experience unforgettable moments suspended in time.


    Our massage oil, completely natural, will totally relax, moisturise, and give you a feeling of extreme well-being. Delicicious aromas of sweetness and incandescent heat, nothing is left to chance for the atmosphere of our naturist massage parlor.

    Air bubble, soap bubble, bubble of tranquillity: plunge into a bath of relaxing sensualism and forget your everyday life


    Hello & Welcome to the Eden !

    Treat yourself to a stopover for your well-being with our massages naturist in Paris





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