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    The Secret Garden Paris

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    The Eden of the Senses

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    The Garden Secret Paris

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    The Secret Garden Paris

    The most sensual masseuses of Paris

    The Garden of Eden

    The naturist massage, the true one !

  • The naturist massage in Paris

    Come & discover our masseuses' new team in our institute of naturist massage 3 Street Laugier Paris 17.
    Our new, beautiful and sensual masseuses wait for you for magicical moments.

    The Secret Garden The Eden in Paris 17

    Naturist massage institute in Paris.

    Mon/Wed/Fri - 11 am - 8 pm

    Tues/Thurs - 11 am - 10 pm

    Sat - 12am - 8 pm

    Sunday - 12 am - 7h30 pm

    Available with & without appointments


    The Eden Institution naturist massage

    You can experience refinement, sensualism, & calm in the hands of our recognized masseuses.
    We offer professionalism, with a relaxing naturist massage...
    Experience total relaxation, & listen to your bodys needs.
    For escapism of the body and the spirit, we offer a warm welcome in a relaxed atmosphere. Discover the various forms of massage, sensual massages of relaxation, relax in the jacuzzi, massage by candlelight, or refresh yourself in our showers .You will feel revitilized, rejuvinated & alive after this unique experience.

    A Paradise in Paris

    The erotic massage in Paris...

    In our magical surroundings, atmospheric with candles, let yourself go in the experienced hands of our masseuses, who will lavish you with the most advanced techniques of massages.
    You can discover the benifits of relaxation, enjoying various methods, including the traditional massage or the naturist massage.

    The 7th heaven in Paris

    Whether you require a haven of peace, need to take a break, or are celebrating an occasion...visit us & take a sweet moment in time to relax. You can experience a solo massage, or for an extra special moment enjoy a couple massage accompannied by your masseuse. ... Your senses will be invaded by pleasant aromas, warm & relaxing temperatures and the caresses of your masseuse shall transport you to 7th heaven!

    In the heart of Paris

    To make your experience special, & offer you more variety, our institute of massage has a range of massages offering diverse techniques of the body, including the Californian massage, the Shiatsu and many others. Opt for a naturist session, together with our totally naked masseuses, for an intense and divine moment. Be transported by the expert hands of our experienced & sensual masseuses, their touch & contact will plunge you into an exotic journey of body & mind. With essential oils, perfumed scents, & relaxing temperatures, you can forget your daily stresses & strains. Become in perfect harmony with your body and your spirit, & bask in a moment of pure pleasure.

  • The Naturist Massage


    The Secret Garden has the best naked, most sensual and experienced masseuses in Paris. They ensure their ideas of inventiveness and imagination are for your relaxation & well-being.
    Presented here in this video is the naturist massage.. the truth!
    We do not offer sexual services, just relaxation, sensulism & eroticism...a fine and delicious mix!
    For couples wanting to put some spice back into their lives, or enjoy some close, sensual & private time together, there can be no more exquisite experience.

    The Secret Garden Paris The Eden

    Rue Laugier nº3

    75017 Paris

    Téléphone: +33 670 01 18 12

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